Translation in all languages

As of 2006, we at Ankara Translation, which is based in Ankara, provide translation services nationwide throughout Turkey.

We provide sworn, notarized translation and consecutive interpreting – simultaneous translation services in technical, legal, business and academic fields with our experience, background and knowledge of foreign languages.

Legal Translation

Translation of legal documents and academic papers can be done by professional translators specializing in this field. Legal translation requires special knowledge and experience. A small error in translation can cause undue delays and huge costs. Therefore, we at The Ankara Translation Bureau are working with qualified translators who only translate legal documents.

Medical Translation

High quality translations in the world of medicine are not a luxury, they are a necessity! We provide reliable and high quality translation services for medical equipment manuals, clinical research reports, academic articles and case file translations.

Academic Translation

We provide wide-ranging reduction and translation services for academic work. These high quality and professional translation services are available for historians, economists, engineers, lawyers, sociologists, doctoral students and other academic staff. We work with academicians in order to respond to your needs in the best way.

Technical Translation

Technical translation for the fields of aviation, agriculture, construction, machinery, electronics or any other area of expertise must be accurate. Therefore, we only work with translators who are experts in their fields and who only produce technical translations. We are connected to hundreds of technical experts in many different areas in different countries of the world and we manage them with our own unique ways.

Website Translation

Your website is an important tool for communication around the world. We can translate your website into any language with our team of graphic designers, software engineers and translators; we deliver translation in the format that you want.