Technical Translation

The main point needed to be considered in the translation of technical documents is the correct use of technical terminology. The translation of technical terms with equivalents used in daily life can cause serious translation errors. Therefore, a person who translates technical documents must be an expert in relevant fields.

The language and engineering knowledge of the translator can be measured by their command of the technical jargon in both languages. Moreover, a single term can be relevant to several different fields at one time; of this the translator must be aware.

The experts that we at Ankara Translation have worked with in the field of technical translation are experienced persons who are proven in their field. Additionally, we save certain technical translations from our corporate customers and store them in translation memory.  We are then able to use tried and tested equivalent terms that are previously known to be accurate and appropriate in subsequent translations.

Technical translations to be made in aviation, agriculture, construction, machinery, electronics or any area of expertise must be accurate. Therefore, we only work with translators who are experts in their fields and who only produce technical translations.  We are connected to hundreds of technical experts in many different areas in different countries of the world and we manage them in our own unique ways.

We also provide high quality translations that you can trust for manuals, online training and support materials.

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