Medical Translation

High quality translations in the world of medicine are not a luxury, they are a necessity! Ankara Translation provides reliable and high quality translation services for medical equipment manuals, clinical research reports, academic articles and case file translations.

We at Ankara Translation provide medical translation services for many major hospital and medical device manufacturers, teaching assistants and medical doctors.

We are able to fully meet local demands with almost a hundred medical translators worldwide within the frame of total quality understanding.

Special fields need special expertise.

Medicine is a specialized area of knowledge. Therefore, we work with specialized translators in the field of medical translation, in order to eliminate the risk of error. Most of our translators have experience in the field of medical device manufacture and medicine. This gives us an advantage within sectoral literature and ensures greater accuracy.

Simultaneous translation

We provide simultaneous translators, who are experts in their respective fields, for medical conferences. Do not decide without talking to us about organizations such as seminars, congresses, conferences etc.