Translation Price

We at Ankara Translation bring an individual approach to each translation project. Translation fees are determined by the following factors:

  • Source and target language
  • Number of words and continuity of translation
  • Type of text: general, medical, egal or technical
  • Delivery date: standard or emergency
  • Other special circumstances

Translation offices determine translation fees according to the subject of translation and experience of the translator they assign. In general, new graduate translators and translators having less experience translate at low prices whereas experienced translators receive a higher price and these differences are directly reflected in the overall cost of translation.

The price of the translation service is calculated by the number of characters of the text to be translated. 1000 (a thousand) characters with no spaces is accepted as 1 page.

The number of characters is calculated by using the “Word Count” function in the “Tools” menu of MS Office Word application.

In pricing, sources (original text) and the target language (language to be translated) are  factors that influence price increases.

In the same way, if the text to be translated includes issues requiring expertise, the amount per page will increase.

The translation fee is calculated by the prices determined separately for each language.

Notarization fees are not included in the translation costs.

Please contact us for our current price list.