Choosing a Translation Agency

The most important factor in defining the aims of a translation office must be the quality of translation presented by that office.

In Turkey, there is a gap between the translation sector and translation offices and it is not possible to talk about sectoral standards. Therefore, you can get different quotes for the same project from different offices. Do not forget that many of the most suitable bidding agencies, non-experts in the field, do not have sufficient knowledge and employ inexperienced staff (often students).  This means a low-quality translation result for you . When you encounter such a situation, keep in mind that you will have to pay again and again for the translation.

So, how to choose a firm offering high quality translation services? When choosing a translation office you intend to work with, being able to condiser the following points will be to your advantage:

  • Is training, qualifications, expertise and experience of individuals who will perform translation appropriate for your project?
  • Does a second person check your submission after completion of translation?
  • Does the office use CAT (computer-aided translation) tools?
  • Does the office provide oral (consecutive-simultaneous) interpretation services in addition to written translation? Does it have the required hardware?
  • Are its schedule commitments realistic? Did it previously deliver translations on time?