Legal and Commercial Translation

Would you like to send business letters or documents to your foreign partner? Would you like to edit agreements, contracts or licenses in accordance with legal regulations in different countries? If you want to have commercial documents translated accurately, fluently and completely, you are in the right place.

When it comes to the translation of legal texts into another language, it is not enough to have a very good knowledge of foreign languages.  It is also very important to use the correct legal terminology and to closely check legal expressions. There are great differences between the legal systems of different countries. Before signing international conventions and agreements, you must consider the legal systems of your country in comparison to your partner’s country. You must employ a translation team that is an authority on both those legal systems. A small error overlooked in international correspondance, particularly contracts, can lead to irrecoverable loss; working with a translation team that has extensive knowledge of international legal systems is necessary to prevent many possible future difficulties.  In addition, the language of the translator who makes legal translations must be clear, accurate and reliable.

The legal and commercial translation staff of Ankara Translation consists of translators who are authorities on legal terminology of the relevant country, know laws very well, and have many years of experience.

We respond to all the legal and commercial needs of importers, exporters, customs brokers, logistics and transport companies, foreign banks, and those who work or want to work with foreign firms or employees.

Accuracy, speed and high quality are the most important issues in legal and commercial translations. We at Ankara Translation are in recognition of the need for quick return of business correspondences and we have the power to meet this quick return.

Do not make a decision without contacting us about your requisites for legal and commercial translation.