Pharmaceutical Translation

Ankara Translation offers specialized translation services in the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical translations are highly qualified and require extensive expertise. Terminology of the field can be incomprehensible to those with insufficient scientific background. Ankara Translation is specialized in the area’s specific terminology, acronyms and eponyms.

Specialized translation team for pharmaceutical companies

Over the last 5 years Ankara Translation has invested in pharmaceutical industry experts, translators, and terminologists, as well as advanced language technologies and infrastructure. The result of this effort produced a solid professional team offering high quality translation services to pharmaceutical companies.

Projects Completed in Pharmaceutical industry

Ankara Translation has translated over 200.000 words for the pharmaceutical industry with translation projects covering: Clinical studies data, Clinical trials, Drug approvals, Drug development files, Drug manufacturing processes, Drug patents applications, Drug registration dossiers, Drugs distribution and marketing, Drugs labeling and packaging, Marketing communications collateral, press releases, product launches, medical information for patients and physicians, patient information leaflets, testing procedures, packaging, labeling etc.